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How To Recover From A Major Cheer Burnout

The winter semester has just begun and you’re feeling exhausted and drained from the jam-packed season a few weeks before. Does this scream everything you’re currently feeling? If yes, then we’ve got 4 ways to help reignite your passion and energy when it comes to cheer. You’ve just conquered a semester filled with classes, intense practices, and pretty much no social life. Trust us when we say you and your squad need a break from cheer! Take a day or two to do something that you couldn’t do la

Farm Bill revision shakes up America

As Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran awaited the results of the vote, he knew a majority of the Senate would be against the 2014 Farm Bill. For the last two years, negotiators for the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate struggled to come to an agreement on which issues should be highlighted in the bill. Some of the issues that were a concern to the government were cuts in food subsidy programs or an increase in crop insurance. For Moran, the bill meant stability and a sense of understanding for tho

Manhattan Fire Department Prepares for Training

Some of the scenarios include-fire attack, search, ventilation, HVAC handling, and MAYDAY operations.  There will be no live fire training conducted in the structures, and citzens can expect to see theatrical smoke produced by smoke machines set up within the buildings. The department was give the opportunity to use these structures prior to them being demolished for construction of the new Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Call Hall commemorates university's 150th with birthday cake ice cream

Every important celebration includes dessert, and K-State will celebrate its 150th anniversary with ice cream. The historical Call Hall Dairy Bar has created a special ice cream flavor called Wildcat Birthday 150 to commemorate the anniversary. “The flavor will be a birthday cake-based ice cream with pieces of birthday cake and royal purple sprinkles,” said Jared Parsons, manager of the university’s Dairy Processing Plant. The dairy plant developed the concept for the new flavor, which Call Ha

Drivers urged to use caution during deer season

Once winter hits, driving to class on icy roads can be perilous. However, there is another obstacle students must avoid: deer. Due to an increase in deer-related car accidents during winter, students should mentally prepare themselves for the possibility of hitting a deer. “Last year Kansas had 9,200 deer-vehicle collisions,” said Steve Swartz, chief of public affairs for the Kansas Department of Transportation. Although deer can be spotted on roads throughout the year, drivers shoul